You love your new truck, and are now excitedly looking for the best upgrades to improve its capabilities and beauty. Many drivers opt for a new tonneau cover during this search to generate a range of cost-effective benefits. Quality truck bed covers do much to protect the contents and layers beneath the surface, relying on versatile designs to generate the most coverage while also providing convenient access.

LINE-X Inland Northwest is here to serve as your source for quality truck accessories in Coeur d’Alene. Our professionals offer industry-leading guidance to enhance any project, from minor improvements to complete transformations. We also offer protective coatings such as our LINE-X bed liners to deliver industry-leading protection where it is needed most.

If you’re not sure about a tonneau cover for your ride, catch up with our top five reasons to purchase one before visiting our location for complete assistance!

Secure Equipment Storage

The tools and gear you transport in the bed of your truck are valuable. A new tonneau cover can provide complete peace of mind when it comes to security, as this truck upgrade is a major improvement over storing your goods in plain sight. Covering your bed keeps everything out of sight and out of mind for would-be thieves. Many tonneau covers come with a locking device to ensure that your possessions stay safe 24/7.

Safe Transportation Measures

Moving your tools and materials in the bed of your truck may sound like a simple task, but the inclement weather brought on by the winter season can quickly complicate things. A form-fitting tonneau cover helps to keep your luggage and equipment safe from wind, rain, and more. Here in Northern Idaho, the weather can prove to be anything but cooperative, which is why many drivers opt for the safety of a tonneau cover. Whether you’re transporting landscape materials home or you have a truck bed full of clothing ready for donation, a cover helps to keep materials where they should be.

Seamless Aesthetics

It’s hard to argue against the visual quality that a truck bed cover can provide. Drivers of all types look to invest in a tonneau cover for many reasons, and the good looks only help to improve the outcome. You can upgrade your vehicle with a range of truck bed covers, including soft or rigid materials in tri-folding designs, retractable, roll-up, and more.

The end result is a buttoned-down finish that works well with a variety of truck accessories.

Better Gas Mileage

One benefit of a tonneau cover that many drivers do not consider upfront is the long-term improvement in gas mileage. These bed covers create a uniform surface to improve aerodynamics, reducing the drag created by the tail of the truck. Less drag equates to better gas mileage. Studies have shown that tonneau covers can improve gas mileage between 5% and 10%, saving some serious cash over the life of the vehicle. You can do the math in coordination with our free estimate to see how long it’ll take for your improved fuel economy to pay off your tonneau cover!

Long-Lasting Value

Ultimately, a tonneau cover can provide a range of benefits for your vehicle, leading to more long-term value. Covering the bed of your truck will prevent theft and loss of cargo, as well as block high winds from scattering equipment. This coverage also protects the bed of your truck from the sun, further preserving the finish when it comes time to sell.

Looking for other ways to improve the value of your vehicle? Browse our site to learn more about our truck undercoatings, polyurea coatings, and more!

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