If you own a truck, you’ve likely noticed that the rear is taller than the front. Many trucks are designed to take on heavy loads, delivering needed support to critical areas to improve handling and reduce sagging. When not used for towing, some drivers opt to balance out the look of their vehicles with a leveling kit.

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Lifting Versus Leveling — Which is Better?

Both products are designed to provide additional clearance for your truck body. Many customers opt for a truck leveling kit because it is an affordable way to gain height and clearance for their rides.

Before you decide on a lifting product, it can help to understand the differences:

  • Lift kits are designed to increase height and ground clearance. You can increase your truck’s clearance one to six (or more) inches by taking a more involved approach to updating your vehicle’s off-road capabilities.
  • Leveling kits rely on spacers, strut extensions, shocks, and lift blocks to increase the height of your truck as desired. This option is ideal for balancing the look of your vehicle without the big investment. Expect up to two inches of added clearance.

For those looking for a simple, affordable improvement to their vehicle, a leveling kit can provide the right look in addition to improved handling when hauling heavy cargo. Truck leveling kits can be installed with little downtime, allowing drivers to get out on the road and enjoying the fruits of their investments.

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