You put a lot of time and energy into your vehicle. In order to achieve the most enjoyment and highest value retention, you’ve likely invested in a number of rugged truck accessories to keep your ride safe. While we all like to focus on the rigors of the road and the challenges of the trail, many drivers forget to protect their truck’s interior until everything is covered in mud.

Precise Protection

The right floor mats can keep your truck’s interior clean through every season. Featuring rugged construction, channeled designs to move dirt and water away from the carpet, and textured nibs to prevent movement, our floor liners provide peace of mind and lasting protection. Over the years, you’ll love how clean your cab is, and your floor mats will continue to be there to provide the right level of protection.

Here at LINE-X Inland Northwest, we take pride in providing the best truck accessories to match every need and style. You can visit our shop to find LINE-X coatings, undercoatings, fender flares, aftermarket bumpers, and more. We’ll be happy to outfit your ride for any adventure!

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