Fender flares serve as an affordable way to enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics and protection. Many drivers look for stylish truck accessories to improve the rugged looks of their vehicles, including aftermarket fender flares. These products are often purchased to abide by local laws, as police officers have been known to give tickets to drivers whose wheels extend beyond the protection of their fender. A new fender flare can help to keep flying debris contained within the wheel well, and also provides peace of mind for other motorists.

Fender Flare Styles

  • Street flares — You can opt for a smooth, sleek look that still delivers protection for your fenders and wheel well. Street-style flares provide a clean appearance and a low profile.
  • Original equipment flares — Simple, affordable, and beautiful, OE-style flares tend to adhere to your stock design. This is an ideal option for drivers who want to replace their current fender flares to cover damage or replace their damaged flares.
  • Bolted flares — Today’s pocket and bolt fender flares feature rugged looks and ideal protection. The bolted appearance helps to make your vehicle appear more rugged while the install process relies on traditional securement methods. Pocket/bolt flares are an effective way to make an impression on other motorists.
  • Extended flares — As the name suggests, these fender flares offer extensive protection in a durable format. Extended styles are often utilized by drivers with extra-large wheels, or those expecting harsh conditions on the trail.

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