Most people who use trucks do so as a work vehicle or because they need the cargo space. Trucks were designed and created as work vehicles with the capacity to tow other vehicles, haul cargo in the back of the pickup, and haul guys back and forth to job locations.

However, as the popularity of the pickup truck grew, more women were choosing pickups, but for different reasons. Women still use them to haul — haul kids, horses, dogs, and groceries around. Women still use them to tow — horse trailers, ATV trailers, and campers. Women still use the cargo space — to haul strollers, bikes, and furniture around. Since women use pickups as much as men do, it’s important that you protect your wife’s pickup truck with a LINE X coating as well. Her truck also needs a cool front bumper and a cargo management system

LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane offers the best truck and SUV customizations, from spray-on bedliners and tool boxes to off-road wheels and tires, and front grilles and bumpers. If you are looking for the ultimate truck accessories, look no further than us. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why your wife’s truck needs a bedliner and other cool truck accessories. Contact us today to learn more!


Protect Your Cargo

When you have a LINE-X coating in the back of your pickup truck from LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane, you are protecting whatever you are hauling from scratches, dings, and scrapes. You are also helping your cargo to not shuffle around since the lining gives your cargo something to hold onto. LINE-X coatings also can function as shock absorbers to reduce road vibrations, which protects your pickup bed from damage as well. Almost nothing is worse while you’re driving than hearing the items in the back of your pickup truck bounce around, especially if you have glass bottles from the store in the back. Cleaning up spilt liquids from your pickup bed is never a fun chore.

Protect the Bed of Your Pickup Truck

This reason probably goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. A bedliner’s main purpose and the reason it was invented was to protect the bed of your pickup from the beating it can take over the years from use. If you’ve ever seen a pickup without a bedliner or your last truck did not have one, then you know that the entire surface can easily be stripped away from the constant ins and outs of tools, gear, and cargo. When you invest in a LINE-X coating by LINE-X Inland Northwest, then you are ensuring the longevity of the bed of your pickup truck.

The elements also can give the bed of your pickup a beating, especially hail. Rust can creep in as well if you have a scratch that exposes the metal. This can lead to either some type of maintenance to be done or a major repair job if the bed of your pickup truck has to be repaired or replaced. Furthermore, the harmful UV rays from the sun can fade your pickup, which is why investing in a bedliner will prevent that from happening.

Get a Cleaner Look

There is no doubt that a pickup truck with a bedliner just looks better than one without. It gives your truck a cleaner look. Scratches and dings are unsightly to look at and can be what people notice. Human nature being what it is, you don’t want people to think you don’t care about your stuff based solely on your pickup truck’s cargo space.

Protect All Surfaces

Many people believe that spray-on bedliners are just for the bed of pickup trucks. However, there are many other surfaces that spray-on bedliners can protect, such as most surfaces of your truck like the fender, the bumper, floor boards, nerf bars, and trim. Bedliners are made from polyurethanes and hybrid polyurea/polyurethanes, which are basically plastic coatings. Thus, any type of vehicle can benefit from this protective coating, such as boats, motorcycles, ambulances, trains, construction equipment, and farm equipment. Spray-on bedliners can even coat the exterior of vehicles as well.

Maintains the Value of Your Pickup Truck

When you invest in a spray-on bedliner from LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane, you will be helping to maintain the value of your pickup truck. As mentioned above, no one really likes to see a pickup truck with a bunch of scratches on it. A spray-on bedliner will limit the damage caused by wear and tear to the bed of your pickup truck.

Easy to Repair with Little Maintenance

Spray on bedliners are easy to repair, especially when compared to scratches and dents. Furthermore, once installed, spray-on bedliners don’t really require any maintenance on your part, which is music to your wife’s ears who probably doesn’t need one more thing on her to-do list.

His and Her Matching Pickups

This is perhaps the most important reason why your wife needs a spray-on bedliner. If you have a spray-on bedliner from LINE-X Inland Northwest, then your wife’s truck needs one so you can have matching pickups.


LINE-X Inland Northwest offers the best LINE-X coatings for you and your wife’s pickup truck. From work to play, your pickup truck’s bed needs to be protected at all times from the dings and scratches it will receive doing its job of hauling your kids, dogs, horses, strollers, kids’ friends, lawn mower, bikes, and campers all day long.

Just because your wife has different purposes for her pickup truck than you have for yours does not mean she does not need a bedliner as well. All trucks should have some kind of bedliner for protection, added value, and convenience. Stay tuned for our next blog post on why your wife needs cool truck accessories. Contact LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane for all your truck accessory needs!