Grille guards are an addition onto the front of your vehicle that guards your grille. Their purpose is to offer protection to the front of your truck in case of an accident. They protect your grille, headlights, radiator, and front bumper from damage. But do you really need one?

LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane offers the best grille guards on the market. We specialize in truck accessories, as well as LINE-X coatings for your truck. From cargo management systems to wheels and tires, we’ve got all of your truck accessory needs covered. In this blog post, we’ll review why you need a grille guard for your work or personal truck. Contact us today to get started!


Since grille guards are made to protect your truck from accidents, grille guards are made to be super strong. Usually, a combination of steel, aluminum alloys, and polyethylene and polycarbonate (both types of plastic) are used. A lot of grille guards for trucks are made from tubular steel, making it both malleable and strong.


Protection from Accidents

Grille guards are otherwise known as cattle pushers, deer guards, brush guards, bullbars, and push bars — all for reasons of use. The main reason grille guards are important is to protect the front of your truck in the event of a minor fender bender or a minor crash. After all, who cares if your grille is scratched up a bit if it protects the overall structural integrity of your truck that would have cost a lot of money to fix?

However, in a high-speed collision, grille guards can actually increase the damage to your truck if they are smashed into your truck. This varies by accident and grille guard, however. LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane notes that the important thing to remember is that grille guards are another line of protection between you and whatever strikes the front of your vehicle, and they can protect you in a high-speed accident depending on the circumstances.

Protection from Brush

For those ranchers out there who frequently drive their pickup trucks into the brush, a grille guard is essential to keep the brush and branches from scratching the front of your pickup truck. Grille guards also are shock absorbers, so while you are out in your fields checking on things in the night and you happen to accidentally run into one of your cows, it should bounce off and your truck should show no worse for the wear.

Protection from Animals

If you’ve ever hit an animal on the road at a high speed, such as a cow, deer, moose, buffalo, or an elk, you know that they can do major damage to your vehicle, sometimes even totalling it. Grille guards can help by pushing these animals to the side of your vehicle rather than them slamming into your windshield and possibly harming you. However, the bigger the animal, the harder they fall, and to be truthful, it’s all about luck — how and where you hit the animal, how fast you are going, and the momentum of the animal and its velocity. LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane notes that you want to avoid a collision at all times with a herd animal and exercise extreme caution, especially at night, when driving in wooded areas where they can cross.

Holds Additional Accessories

Many people purchase grille guards in order to mount extra lights on them. Grille guards are excellent for this, and the extra light can come in quite handy when you are out and about at night or in the fog. Tow hooks can serve as mount for grille guards. However, most grille guards are made to accommodate hooks, depending on the model that you invest in.


Let’s face it, grille guards can make your truck look tough. They can add character to your truck and can just look cool. Most grille guards are made of the toughest materials, which add strength to the front of your vehicle.


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