Winter is nearly here, which means that most drivers across Washington and Northern Idaho are working diligently to put the finishing touches on their vehicles to welcome the weather in stride. Whether you plan on traveling this season or working the days away, it’s important to choose the right accessories and aftermarket truck parts that you can rely on to keep your vehicle safe, clean, and on the road.

If you’re looking for the best protection at an affordable price, LINE-X of Spokane and Coeur d’Alene is here to help! LINE-X Inland Northwest is proud to offer the best truck accessories and protective coatings to our customers, relying on our years of experience and top-notch training to ensure you are happy with the rugged investments you’ve made.

If you’re looking for LINE-X services or truck upgrades for the winter weather, keep reading to discover some of our top products and services. Ready to get started? Stop by one of our two locations or contact us online today!

Protect From Moisture

The Farmer’s Almanac forecasts a heavier winter than usual this season, with more intense storms than we are used to. When you consider that some parts of Spokane received up to four inches toward the end of September, it’s easy to worry over the amount of moisture that could soon be infiltrating your vehicle. Our LINE-X sprays can keep water at bay, relying on seamless bonding down to the chemical level to ensure success.

Defend Against Chemicals

One effective way to keep the roads clear throughout the worst weather is to coat blacktop with magnesium chloride. Road salts help to lower the freezing point of moisture and melt any ice that has accumulated. While this process has helped to keep our roads safer for nearly 20 years, the side effects have been felt by both the blacktop and the vehicles that traverse it.

Magnesium chloride is known to be corrosive, which may prove harmful when it comes in contact with your vehicle’s finish. LINE-X coatings help to keep this material from building up, reducing the wear and tear on your vehicle’s outer layers for better long-term results.

Stop Rust Before It Starts

Be sure to protect the metal and paint of your truck from corrosion by covering it in an industry-leading polyurea coating. The cumulative benefits of LINE-X sprays provide top-notch protection from the damages brought on by excess moisture and heavy amounts of road salt. Our protective coating bonds to your vehicle at the chemical level, stopping moisture and corrosion at the source.

Install Your Spray-In Bed Liner

Over the years, our LINE-X pros have perfected our process, and we’re confident that we can equip your vehicle with an industry-leading spray-in bed liner. LINE-X coatings are unmatched in strength, beauty, and durability, providing a seamless finish that looks as if it came right off the showroom floor. Our team has the skills to cover nearly any part of your vehicle, so be sure to browse our page to see how effective our services can be for your needs.

Worried about the weather when installing your LINE-X bed liner? Don’t be! LINE-X Inland Northwest offers professional finishes at both of our locations, equipping your vehicle for immediate protection. Our product cures in seconds, and can be ready for the toughest trials after 24 hours. We’re confident that you’ll love the fast results and superior protection offered by our team!

Invest in Rust Protection and Undercoatings

LINE-X Inland Northwest offers a range of protective truck services to keep your vehicle in ideal condition for the next adventure or tough job. Our professionals can deliver top-notch undercoating and rustproofing to the underside of your vehicle, protecting crucial components from wear and tear while keeping rust away. If you plan on racking up a lot of miles this winter, a protective undercoating may be well worth the investment!

Rely on Quality Truck Accessories

Beyond our LINE-X sprays, you can also find a wide range of truck accessories at our shops in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene. LINE-X Inland Northwest specializes in a variety of top-notch truck accessories for work trucks, recreational vehicles, and daily commuters. We understand the toll winter driving can take on your vehicle, which is why we strive to offer the best accessories for every adventure, including:

  • Tonneau covers — The right truck bed cover can keep the contents of your bed safe and secure all winter long. Tonneau covers come in numerous styles and deliver unparalleled protection from the elements.
  • Bumpers and grille guards — If you want to protect your vehicle from roadside debris and minor impacts, a new grille guard may prove to be an ideal investment. 
  • Floor liners — The weather may go bad, but that doesn’t mean your vehicle’s interior should suffer! LINE-X of Spokane and Coeur d’Alene offers durable floor liners to keep the cab clean and dry all season long. 
  • Mudflaps — If you plan on hitting the trails, it pays to invest in quality mud flaps to keep your vehicle and other motorists safe.

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Before the next big blizzard hits, it may pay big to equip your vehicle for success. LINE-X Inland Northwest specializes in truck accessories and LINE-X services across Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, and we’re confident that we can deliver unbeatable protection and service for your ride.

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