off roading with family

In today’s connected world full of virtual “friends,” families are always looking for new ways to spend time together that is fun, enjoyable, memorable, and more entertaining than a screen. Many families are once again turning to the outdoors for their answers since it’s hard to stare at a screen when you are mountain biking, hiking, playing soccer, or kayaking. Many families are also discovering the great pastime off-roading.

With off-roading you can see a lot that this beautiful earth has to offer, from majestic mountain sides to rolling hills and evergreen forests. When you off-road, it’s about as close to emulating the early explorers as you can get in the 21st century. You’ll be able to picnic under arches carved from millions of years of wind activity, speed along a riverbed bottom and feel the cool water crest your face, and you’ll be able to do donuts in sand dunes — all as a family.

LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane is proud to be able to offer the best off-road wheels and tires for your many adventures. We also install the best spray-on bedliners with our amazing LINE-X line that provides superior protection against scratches, dents, and bumps and that is stain-resistant and UV-protected.

If you are in need of truck accessories for your off-roading adventures, such as our cargo management systems, grille guards, tires and wheels, and others, we carry those as well. Our difference is the stellar customer service we offer, from installing your LINE-X coating to helping answer any questions you may have about wheels and tires. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Below, we’ll go over some tips on how to make off-roading a family event, as well as some benefits of off-roading. Contact us today to learn more!


Off-roading can be a fun, safe, and great bonding experience for the whole family. However, if you haven’t ever taken the family off-roading with you, it’s best to ensure everyone has a good time. Hence, you’ll need to be prepared. Below are tips to do just that.

Snacks, Drinks, and Food

When you are off-roading, being in an ATV, a jeep, or other all-terrain vehicle, you will undoubtedly get hungry and thirsty, especially if you are off-roading in some of the coolest places to off-road, like Moab, Utah, where it’s hot. You’ll need to ensure you pack a cooler with lunch, snacks, drinks, and water for your trip. Pack more than you think you’ll need just in case you stay out longer (since off-roading is insanely fun, we wouldn’t blame you!). LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane notes that finger foods and trail mixes are always good for on-the-go and crackers, such as Goldfish, are great and easy for the kids as well.

Plan in Advance

While it can be fun to just go where the road takes you, you want to make sure your family has a great time and wants to go again, especially if they have never been before. This is why it’s important to plan your trip in advance. You’ll want to choose an off-roading trail that is fun, but probably not too difficult (after all, you don’t want to scare them to the point they will never go back again). There are great apps available, as well as GPS navigation apps, which will show you the unpaved roads and trails. Try to choose a trail with variety, wildlife, and nature so your family can truly get the most out of their time. A printed map or a downloaded one to your phone is a good idea since the internet can be spotty in the woods or in the mountains sometimes. Also, don’t forget to let others know where you are going for safety reasons as well.


Check Your Vehicle

Before you hit the off roads, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. You’ll want to make sure all of your fluids are filled, including your oil, coolant, power steering, and windshield wiper fluid. You’ll want to check your off-road tires as well for sufficient air. Make sure your spare tire is in good working order. If you are in need of new off-road tires, rims, or wheels, check out LINE-X Inland Northwest’s huge selection of off-road tires in Spokane. We carry the best brands and the greatest variety, so shop with us today.

LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane recommends that while you are off-roading, to have a basic tool kit with you in case you do need to change a flat tire or perform some other minor repair. We offer the best tool kits and cargo management systems as well for you to choose from that will help you keep your tools and cargo nice and organized.

It’s best, too, if you have a 4×4 vehicle to go off-roading for those tough terrains or inclement weather conditions you may encounter. You will feel the difference when you maneuver gnarly obstacles, rocks, boulders, and other obstacles, and your ride will be much smoother. If you don’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle, then just be aware of the limitations of your rig.

It’s not a bad idea to have your off-road vehicle inspected before you hit the trail. Having a professional mechanic do an inspection could tell you a lot about its condition and catch any small error that could become major before it happens.

Emergency/Safety Kits

Accidents happen all the time. Usually, you are just a stone’s throw from a cell phone and medical attention. However, when you are off-roading, you can be in some pretty hard-to-reach areas that may take a while before medical personnel can reach you. Hence, you’ll need to be prepared for emergencies with a first aid kit, a tow rope, a winch, a snatch block, D rings, and other towing paraphernalia. When you are out on trails, you never know when you’ll need a tow, so it’s best to be prepared for it.

Since cell phone service will most likely be spotty out and about on the four-wheeling trails, LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane recommends that you invest in CB radios for communication purposes. This is particularly important if you are caravaning with more than one person. HAM radios are great for longer-range communication needs; however, you do need a license for those that you have to obtain through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), so there’s a bit more work involved for this.


LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane offers the best LINE-X protective coatings for your off-roading vehicle that can be matched to your particular color needs. This stain-resistant and VOC-free bedliner is top-of-the-line for superior protection against wear and tear and leaks and corrosion. We also offer off-road wheels and tires, tools boxes, cargo management systems, grille guards, nerf bars, bumpers, and more. In addition, we also offer lift kits and levelling kits to make your off-roading vehicle tall enough to tackle the toughest terrain.

LINE-X Inland Northwest in Spokane’s mission is to be your go-to company for all your truck accessory needs. So before you head out off-roading, visit our website today and make sure you are forming family memories for a lifetime!