truck accessories

Studies have been done that say that many people view their vehicles as extensions of themselves. Thus, vehicles reflect who we are, which is why many people love to accessorize their cars. From purple cars to cars with cool graphics to lifted trucks with big wheels and tires to items we hang from our rearview mirrors, cars and trucks are treated much like our homes. This explains why people who keep their cars messy are usually messy at home, and why we eat in the car, put on makeup in the car, sleep in our cars, and do other activities.

Odds are, your truck or car is personalized in some way, be it the bumper stickers you have in your back window or the tinted windows you had done. If you have cool truck accessories, such as a lift kit, a tonneau cover, or big wheels and tires, you wife needs those as well.

Line X Inland Northwest in Coeur d’Alene will go over in this blog post why your wife’s truck needs cool truck accessories. Contact us today for all your truck accessory needs!


Let’s face it, truck accessories are all about making your life more convenient and easier. While we may not have to do physical labor to procure food on the table, we all still work really hard and are always looking to improve our lives and our processes to make our lives even easier. Besides a bedliner, there are other types of truck accessories you can get for your wife that would make her life easier and win you brownie points.

Cargo Management System.

Nothing is more frustrating than having just gone to the grocery store and when you arrive home, your groceries are at the front of your pickup bed. If you’re lucky, your kids are old enough to climb in the back of the pickup truck and get your groceries for you. If not, then you are stuck doing it. By investing in a simple cargo management system from LINE-X Inland Northwest in Coeur d’Alene, you’ll be able to keep your groceries where you can reach them. These also come in handy when you need to keep your dog confined to one area.

Tonneau Cover.

No one really likes the items in the back of their pickup truck exposed to the elements. When you invest in a tonneau cover with us, you’ll have peace of mind when you are out and about in the spring and a sudden afternoon storm hits, or in the fall when the leaves decide to fall all at the same time. LINE-X Inland Northwest also offers installations for you on all of our truck accessories, including tonneau covers.

Lift Kit.

Many people think lift kits are just to make their trucks look cool and only younger guys have these installed. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, lift kits are used mainly to raise the body of the truck so that then larger tires can be installed, which are necessary for endeavors such as off-roading. Lift kits can lift the truck much higher into the air, anywhere from two inches to 10 and higher. LINE-X Inland Northwest in Coeur d’Alene notes that lift kits often require a custom suspension kit as well.

Levelling Kit.

A levelling kit differs slightly from a lift kit in that it is meant to raise the front of the vehicle to match the back of the vehicle. A levelling kit usually only raises the vehicle about two inches in the front.

Grille Guards.

A grille guard does just what its name says — guards the front grille of your truck, along with bumper, headlights, and body panels. These come in handy during collisions with large animals, parking lot accidents, and are added protection for off-roading.

Nerf Bars.

Nerf bars, or truck running boards, give you a step up into your pickup truck. They are for safety reasons, and they can help protect your truck from damage when off-roading as well from errant rocks and such. Nerf bars come in hundreds of options, so they are a cool truck accessory to add on to make a statement about your personal style.

Wheels and Tires.

Wheels and tires come in all sizes for all types of vehicles and can be personalized as much as you want or as little as you want. Whether you’re looking for daily-driving tires or tires with a little more pep in them and can go mudding on the weekends, LINE-X Inland Northwest in Coeur d’Alene has got you covered. While wheels and tires overall are functional, there’s no harm in having a little fun with them.


LINE-X Inland Northwest in Coeur d’Alene offers the best truck accessories for your wife’s pickup truck. We all have our quirks, which is what makes us human, and we love to celebrate your individuality with amazing, personalized truck accessories, from lift kits to wheels and tires. Whether you are looking to go off-roading, or you just want to look cool cruising around town, we have the wheels and tires for you. You can match your truck or choose a festive color, and go bling or no bling. Whatever you decide to do, your wife’s truck will be pimped out as much as yours — and you can even match them! Contact us today to get started!