4 Truck Accessory Must-Haves

At LINE-X Inland Northwest, we protect your truck from the elements. Whether you’re off-roading, loading up your bed, or doing anything else that might damage your truck, we’ve literally got you covered. If you're looking to upgrade your truck, here are a few of our favorite truck accessories to make your life a little easier, and a lot more fun. If you’re looking to protect your truck, there is no better product than LINE-X. Get your coating at our Inland Northwest location.



Bed storage is a necessary add-on for your truck. Whether you get a toolbox, a bed cover, or an undercover swing case, you need some weatherproof storage for your truck. At LINE-X, we offer tons of different storage options to give your truck the beefiness it needs to stand up to your lifestyle.


Tow Hooks

You never know when you might need tow hooks. Whether you’re driving to muddy and remote fishing spots or you somehow broke down on the side of the road, tow hooks come in handy all the time. If you don’t want tow hooks, a beefed-up hitch always gets the job done too! Check out our collection of truck accessories today!


Exterior Lighting

From light bars to help you see what’s in front of you to bed lighting so that you can mess around with your gear in the dark without holding a flashlight, never underestimate the usefulness of exterior lighting. At LINE-X, we have partnered with Feniex lighting to provide you with the best truck accessories on the market.



Obviously, at LINE-X, we like our product. But this isn’t just some promotion, we genuinely think that LINE-X is one of the best things you can put on your truck, and so do millions of our customers (otherwise we wouldn’t be in this business!). LINE-X protects your truck so that you can rest assured knowing that your truck is safe from whatever you might throw at it!

Truck accessories not only protect your truck and belongings from the elements, they also help you to get the most functionality possible from your truck. If you are looking for more out of your truck, check out all of the truck accessories that we offer in our store!